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4 Delicious Soup Recipes

Written by Fiza Ammar

Almost most of us like soups. Soup is a very healthy food, full of nutrients and vitamins. It is a healthy food to consume. There are many types of soups recipes. All of them have their own taste, benefits and nutrients. I am going to write 4 delicious soup recipes. I hope you will try and enjoy them in this cool winter.
As the winter season is at its peak, do not hesitate to make a delicious bowl of soup to warm yourself in blankets this winter. Try the following delicious soup recipes

:4 Delicious Soup Recipes:

1. Cabbage Soup

Cabbage soup is very goo din taste. The main advantage of cabbage soup that it helps you to shed your extra pounds. And, if you are planning to get rid of your love handles this winter do try this soup, which consists mainly of cabbage.

Ingredients:(1 person; 3 serving/day)

Carrots: 2 finely chopped
Cabbage: ½
Capsicum: 1
Mushrooms: 1 can
Tomatoes: 2 (diced)
Onions: 2 small (finely chopped)
Chicken powder: 1
Water: 8 glasses


– Add all the ingredients in a boiling water.
– Leave on low flame for 1 hour or till the vegetables get tender.
– You can also add paprika powder, black or white pepper along with hot sauce and chicken powder.
– Spice it up to your taste.
– If you are trying to shed your extra weight, try to avoid salt.
– Serve hot. Enjoy!

2. Chicken Corn Soup

Chicken corn soup is high in nutrition and great in taste. Quick, simple, tasty, healthy can be had for breakfast, after school or any time of the day.


Boneless chicken: 100 grams
Egg: 1
Corn flour: 4 tablespoons
Salt: as per taste
Black pepper: ¼ teaspoon
White pepper: ¼ teaspoon
Chicken broth: 3 cups
Carrot: 1
Onion: ½
Green onions: 1 stalk
Cooked corns: 1 cup


– In a chicken broth, add shredded boiled chicken.
– Add carrots and onions.
– Then put corn, white and black pepper to the mixture.
– Mix the corn flour in water. Then add it to the broth.
– At the end beat an egg and it to the broth gradually. Do not stop mixing.
– Cook it on low flame for 10 minutes and serve hot.

3. Chicken Cream Soup

Chicken cream soup is another delicious soup recipe. Although it is high in calories but tastes very delicious. Must try it and enjoy this tasty soup.


Butter: ½ cup(melted)
Onion: 1 (medium)
Carrots: 2 (finely chopped)
Flour: ½ cup + 1 tablespoon
Chicken broth: 7 cups
Parsley: 3 stalks
Shredded chicken: 2 ¾ cups
Heavy cream: ½ cup
Salt: 1 teaspoon
Black pepper: as per taste


– First add carrots, celery and onion along with butter in a pot.
– Keep stirring till the vegetables become soft.
– Add the flour to it.
– Cook this for 2 minutes.
– Pour the broth into it and stir.
– Add all the other herbs.
– Simmer it for 5 minutes.
– Add chicken to it and turn off the flame after 2 minutes.
– Whisk a salt and cream into the soup.
– Serve the soup with fish crackers.

4. Hot and Sour Soup

Hot and sour soup is the tastiest soup and appreciated by all of us. It is the most common and mostly used soup in our homes. It is very nutritious and healthy. You can add what you want to this soup to make it tastier. Try the following recipe for the tasty hot and sour soup.


Chicken broth: 4 cups
Cooked and shredded chicken: 1 cup
Onions: 1 cup chopped
Cabbage: 1 cup chopped
Carrots: 2 medium (sliced)
Capsicum: 2 medium (sliced)
White pepper: ½ teaspoon
Black pepper: ½ teaspoon
Egg: 1
Chicken cube: 1
Corn flour: 2 tablespoons
Salt: as per taste
Soya sauce: 3 tablespoons
Vinegar: 2 tablespoons
Chilli sauce: 1 tablespoon
Oil: 2 tablespoons


– Mix all the spices, vegetables, 3 cups of broth and vinegar in a pot.
– Cook it on the low flame heat.
– Remember not to add spring onions and corn flour.
– Add boiled and shredded chicken later.
– Mix the corn flour in the one cup of broth and it to the cooking mixture.
– Cook it till the soup thickens a little bit.
– At the end, beat an egg and add it to the soup.
– Keep stirring slowly while adding the beaten egg to the soup.
-Cook for 2 minutes.
– Add spring onions in the end and serve hot.

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